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Why does it work?

As an entrepreneur myself, I know firsthand that you can't build a plan for your business without also considering the quality of life you want to live. 

As a business owner, you rarely have time to stop and look critically at all aspects of your business. It's not something most people can do for themselves. And when you're the only decision-maker focused on your business, you need support to help you build strategies that will move you toward your dreams.

In this session, you'll design your five-year vision, three-year strategic plan, and 2024 tactical plan. You'll do this alongside five other entrepreneurs, offering each other feedback, challenging assumptions, and building your network of support. 

With more than 20 years of experience working as a strategist and professional facilitator for some of Manitoba's most well-known companies, I have the skills to help you navigate your ideas and build an achievable plan that you can execute with confidence. 

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What's the plan?

  • We start with an intake meeting; we will discuss your business challenges and how to get the most out of your strategy day
  • You arrive for our session full of ideas, hopes and dreams
  • I facilitate you through an engaging day of customized strategic planning exercises
  • We build a strategic and tactical plan to keep you focused on achieving your goals
  • We end the day with a focus on how you're going to implement your plan successfully
  • Beverages, snacks, and lunch included at a great location
You finish the day with a comprehensive strategic plan, including:
  • A five year vision for your life and business
  • A three year strategic plan, including your mission, priorities, and the strategies that will help you achieve it
  • A 2024 tactical plan, with priorities identified for each quarter of the year, built around your existing commitments and pressures
  • The confidence to make strategically aligned decisions for your business
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This is ideal for you if...

  • You are the primary decision-maker in your business 
  • You have been in business for at least one year
  • Day to day issues keep you from reaching your big dreams
  • You have a million ideas, but you don't seem to be making progress towards the future you want as quickly as you want
  • You either can't make decisions (analysis paralysis) or you say yes to too many opportunities
  • You are in Winnipeg or able to travel here for our day together
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Each session is limited to 6 participants.

March 2024
Date TBD

$997 CAD + gst
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I'm Joanne Zuk

As a business strategist and consultant, I love working with business owners who want to grow sustainable businesses (that don't burn them out) tohave a positive impact in our community.

I find most small business owners are bombarded by ideas and recommendations for cookie-cutter solutions, when what they actually need is for someone to listen to them and provide customized support and advice.

Most of my time is spent working with large and messy organizations. But I love bringing my expertise to small businesses, where the impact is immediate. 

Recent corporate clients include: