About Me




I'm Joanne Zuk

I'm a business strategist and consultant who thrives in messy, complicated challenges where there is no clear path forward. I love working with both complex organizations and small businesses to help you solve the big challenges that keep you up at night: strategy, leadership, and culture.

Why strategy?

I spent more than 16 years as a senior and executive leader and love teaching leadership and strategy at the post-secondary level in my home city of Winnipeg. But teaching isn't enough. 

My experience with multiple innovation methodologies, including Lean, Human Centred Design, Public Engagement, and Innovation Engineering means I have an extensive toolkit to draw from to help my clients solve the big strategic challenges facing their organizations now and in the future.

Why negotiation?

After a decade of coaching women to negotiate for more at work, I joined an amazing community of female entrepreneurs and realized women in every field struggle to ask for what they deserve and desire.  

As a result, I took everything I know about what makes women's negotiation experiences unique and channelled them into The Fearless Negotiation Project to help women and people from historically marginalized backgrounds harness their strengths and negotiate using strategies that actually work for them. 



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