Negotiation Services

Ready to finally negotiate for what you deserve and desire?


Learn to Negotiate


Negotiation Services

Ready to finally negotiate for what you deserve and desire?


Learn to Negotiate

Let's talk about negotiation

What is negotiation?

It's really just a skill that helps two people, who are coming from different perspectives, get to a mutually beneficial agreement.

In business and life, most negotiations are opportunities to be collaborative - to get to a deal that works for both parties. 

Who needs to negotiate?

Everyone! The problem is we tend to think that only high-powered executives have the skills and power to negotiate. 

Whether you are an employee, an employer, a small business owner, or you're engaged in your family or community, negotiation is a skill that can help you feel valued and focused on priorities that make you feel fulfilled. 

What can you negotiate for?

Whatever you deserve and desire!

The most common benefits for employees include money, timelines, expectations, and flexibility. For employers and business owners, you'll negotiate every day for prices, quality, timelines, volume, and other wish list items.

It's about getting to yes in a way that feels aligned with your priorities. 

Why do you avoid negotiation?

If you're a woman or a person from another historically marginalized group, you probably never learned to negotiate.

Worse, you learned to be a humble and grateful people-pleaser instead of boldly asking for what you want. You learned this behaviour by the age of 9 and society has done a great job of keeping you small.

If you started negotiating today, you'd earn an extra $1.3 million over your lifetime


Learn to Negotiate

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Taryn L.

Joanne's course helped me build a comprehensive overview of my strengths, explain my worth and growth potential, and negotiate for the benefits that would make this job exactly what I wanted. 



On Demand Courses

Negotiating Life

If you're out of balance at work, home, and everywhere else, it's time to negotiate your life.

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Strategic Salary Negotiation for Professionals

You only get one chance to negotiate your next job offer. Make it count.

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Small Business Negotiation for Women

You're leaving money and opportunities on the table every day. It's time to change that.

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Negotiation is one of the biggest skill gaps affecting professional women

  • Between the ages of 5 and 9, girls learn to negotiate for significantly less than boys
  • 60% of women never negotiate for their salaries or in their businesses
  • Lower wages equal less economic freedom and opportunity than women deserve

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