Avoiding Negotiation in Your Business?


Fact: 60% of women never negotiate, leaving profit and opportunities on the table.


Earn more profit, build more powerful relationships, and start negotiating with confidence. Guaranteed.


Avoiding Negotiation in Your Business?


Fact: 60% of women never negotiate, leaving profit and opportunities on the table.


Earn more profit, build more powerful relationships, and start negotiating with confidence. Guaranteed.


Embody the Powerful Entrepreneur Inside You

Learn the secret formula to negotiation and use it to:

  • Prepare for a specific negotiation that's coming up.
  • Build a personal negotiation strategy to help you in any negotiation.
  • Grow confidence in your skills and your strengths.
  • Know the strategies that work and which align to your values.
  • Put your skills to work to negotiate for everything you want and need.
  • Ditch your fear and anxiety and negotiate like the boss you are!

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs, you’ll learn how to finally take control of your negotiations.


In The Next 7 Days, You Could…

  • Learn the systems and processes of negotiation
  • Build confidence in your skills and abilities
  • Put it all together using strategies that work for you

Strong negotiation skills can make all the difference in your business. We’ll cover it all in Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs.


Fearless Negotiation
Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs

Are You Ready to become the CEO your Business Deserves?

This digital course will teach you everything you need to negotiate more than 75% of the deals in your business. You’ll learn how to:

  • Assess the risks and the other person to know what you're getting into
  • Define your own needs, wishes, and negotiation strategy
  • Overcome your blind spots and take up the space you deserve in a negotiation
  • Deal with the unpredictable details in a negotiation with confidence
  • Document and finalize the deal to ensure you get everything you negotiated for

By building knowledge and confidence, and learning effective strategies, you can start making your deals work for you.


What's Included in the Program...


Your Relationship with Negotiation

As a woman, that relationship status is complicated. Before you start taking aligned action, it's important to excavate where your beliefs came from and unlearn much of what we believe about negotiation. The workshop is divided into sections, including:

  • The Value of Negotiation 
  • Negotiation 101
  • Seeing your Blind Spots
  • Harnessing your Superpowers
  • Strategies for Success

You’ll finish the workshop with a complete picture of what has been holding you back and how to overcome social conditioning and limiting beliefs to negotiate for what you deserve. 


Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success

Using the exact worksheets I use with clients, you'll DIY your own negotiation strategy with my support. You will work thorough a process that guides you to:

  • Understand your specific strengths and assets 
  • Determine your priorities and your dream deal
  • Actively manage your mindset before and during a negotiation
  • Prepare for the unpredictable and know how you'll respond

You’ll finish this section with a specific strategy to get you what you want in your next negotiation. 


Worksheets, Scripts, and Guides

Throughout the course, you'll find extras that help you level up your negotiation skills. these include:

  • Coaching videos and tutorials
  • Worksheets, workbooks, and checklists
  • Guides with scripts for specific situations

New content is always being added to the course and you'll get notified when new material is uploaded.


This Program is for You if...

  • You are a woman or a highly empathetic non-binary or 2SLGBTQIA+ person
  • You own a business, whether it's big or small or just an idea
  • Negotiation makes you uncomfortable, insecure, anxious, afraid, or any other stomach-churning adjective
  • You know you need to learn to negotiate if you want to grow or scale your business
  • You are done living in fear and ready to embody fearless

I'm Joanne Zuk

After a decade of coaching women to negotiate for more at work, I joined an amazing community of female entrepreneurs and realized that we need this skill more than anyone - because our businesses depend on us being fearless.

Now I use everything I've learned about what makes women's negotiation experiences unique to teach female entrepreneurs to harness their strengths and negotiate using strategies that actually work for women. 

"Knowing how to negotiate successfully and being brave enough to know that what we offer has value, is amazing!"

- Nancy Dutiaume

"I am all about stepping into our power and your knowledge helps us navigate how to do this successfully and powerfully."

- Laura MacLeod

"Negotiating is definitely a skill that I now realize is something we all attempt to do, but now recognize there is an art to it!"

- Sherry Sobey

Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs

Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs


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