Corporate Consulting

Need help with your strategic plan, corporate culture, or leadership alignment?




Corporate Consulting

Need help with your strategic plan, corporate culture, or leadership alignment?



It's time for a strategy

I'd love to work together to:

  • Create a strategic plan to drive organizational alignment, effort and results
  • Create a vision and plan to build a deliberate positive workplace culture 
  • Streamlime inefficient processes that get in the way of progress
  • Strengthen the capacity for collaboration, innovation, and inclusive leadership

Yes, it really is possible to transform your organization!

When you work with me, you get results. 


In the next 6 months, you could…

  • Be a more cohesive, aligned, and successful organization
  • Improve the way your team works together
  • Experience the freedom of efficient, innovative approaches to work

The right strategic moves can make all the difference. I can help.


Recent Corporate Projects

YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg
Strategic Planning
Community Engagement

I worked with the Board of Director, Executive Team and Broad Leadership Team to engage stakeholders and build a strategic plan for the YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg.

RBC Convention Centre
Strategic Planning
Stakeholder Engagement

With the Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team, we built a comprehensive strategic plan. I served as Senior Consultant and Project Lead for Blueprint Inc.

Manitoba Possible
Priority Setting
Board and Staff Alignment

Through a one day session, a group of 30 Board members, leaders and staff set interim priorities for 2024. I served as Senior Consultant and Project Lead for Blueprint Inc.

Red River College Polytechnic
Strategic Planning
Stakeholder Engagement

Over 18 months, I worked with the Board of Governors, Executive Team and college leadership to build a five year strategic plan for Manitoba's largest college and polytechnic.

Client Feedback

"Your ability to support a President and CEO in in effectively supporting a board is your magic. You're organized, so well-written, and you know how governance and decision-making works. I have felt completely supported working with you."

Cordella Friesen
President and CEO, YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg

Liquor, Gaming & Cannabis Authority
Leadership Alignment  Process Improvement

I worked with the Executive to build a blueprint for culture change and implement early work related to leadership behaviour and strategic reporting.

Tech Manitoba
Strategic Planning
Team Development

Working with the entire TechMB team, we renewed the priorities and vision of this member-based industry association within a two-day facilitated session.

Province of Manitoba
Public Engagement
Process Design

This project consolidated processes and standards from across the public service with a team of subject matter experts from 15 departments.

Province of Manitoba  Agriculture
Stakeholder Engagement
Research & Analysis

This research study  involved stakeholder interviews and analysis to understand the negotiation-related impacts on women in food production.


Each organization is unique, so I don't do cookie-cutter approaches

I take a multi-disciplinary and customized approach with each project

Following an initial discussion about your needs, I'll outline the approach I'd recommend, weaving together a combination of tools and philosophies from:

  • Contemporary leadership experts like Adam Grant, Amy Edmondson, Brene Brown, and Simon Sinek 
  • Business strategy leaders like Michael Porter, Henry Mintzberg, and W. Edwards Deming
  • Innovation methodologies like Lean Management, Human Centred Design, Public Participation Best Practice, and Innovation Engineering

Together, we will refine the approch to meet your organization's specific needs, customizing the plan to meet your leaders exactly where they're at. 


We should talk if...

  • You are looking for someone to provide insightful advice and guide you toward your vision on a path you can't quite see yet
  • You have unique challenges that require a customized approach
  • You're ready to focus on the big messy challenges that are holding you back from success
  • You want to do this work well, by engaging the right people and valuing their perspectives
  • You're need someone trustworthy to guide and support you in leading your organization

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