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Articles, interviews, inspiration, and tools to help you balance your power with purpose

Powerful Insights 

Articles, interviews, inspiration, and tools to help you balance your power with purpose

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interview negotiation resource Jun 07, 2023

Want to discover more powerful women and their knowledgeable podcasts?

Here is a comprehensive playlist of all of the podcasts I have been a guest on. There is tons of information on negotiation tips, stories, and strategies. 

If you would like to know more about specific episodes, you can read more on the blog. 

Learn more about the importance of negotiation and how influential it can be for women with Michelle Martin: https://www.joannezuk.com/blog/learn-to-negotiate-in-all-aspects-of-your-life 

Learn more about social conditioning, what it is, and how it harms women when it comes to negotiation with Melissa Giller: https://www.joannezuk.com/blog/why-social-conditioning-has-harmed-women-when-it-comes-to-negotiation 

Learn more about how women have natural leadership and negotiation powers that have been ignored and silenced with Tracy Koga: https://www.joannezuk.com/blog/the-power-within-us-you-are-a-natural-negotiator 

Learn more about the importance of negotiation when you are an entrepreneur with Kaina Pierre: https://www.joannezuk.com/blog/if-you-are-an-entrepreneur-you-need-negotiation 

Learn more about how women being raised as kind, empathetic, and humble are great qualities to have, but also hold women back in regards to negotiating and knowing their worth with Genny B:  https://www.joannezuk.com/blog/it-s-time-to-recognize-your-worth 

Learn more about my story, how going through change was worth it with Peggie Koenig and Catherine Gryba: https://www.joannezuk.com/blog/my-career-change-and-how-i-cultivate-joy 

Learn more about how women can get comfortable in negotiations with Diann Wingert: https://www.joannezuk.com/blog/how-to-get-comfortable-in-negotiations  


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